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When do you know if it’s worth reupholstering?

Furniture is worth reupholstering when it had a history with you and your family, and has earned a place in your heart.

Reupholstering for us is more than just applying the new fabric over existing fabric with years of wearing. Reupholstering consists of more than that.

The frame and some springs could be loose and we will fix it by tightening it, eliminating squeaks and wobbling before applying extra padding and new fabric. All cushions will be plumped or replaced, show wood will be touched up and polished. You also can do your part to save the environment by putting a good old frame back to use.

Upholstering is what we love to do, and we are proud to do it as successfully as we have for many years. We Look at it as a masterpiece of art and we take great care on its construction.

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